Areas of Practice

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  • Our office successfully represents clients from different countries.
  • We will vigorously safeguard your interests, prepare your case and guide you throughout interviews, hearings and trials. You are ensured detailed attention, quality service and experienced representation.
  • Our office delivers experienced representation and quality service for any of the following Immigration issues.
    • Federal Skilled Worker
    • Federal Skilled Trade Program
    • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
    • Canadian Experience Class
    • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed
    • Family sponsorship
    • Provincial Nominees
    • Live-in caregivers
    • Refugees
      • Appeals
      • Judicial Review
      • Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
      • Pre-Risk-Assessment Applications


Whether you’re buying or selling a new home or leasing a commercial property, Bashier Law office has the experience to assist you. Our office uses leading edge real estate conveyancing technology to ensure the easy and efficient satisfaction of your need.


Why should you make a will?

  • When you die without a Will, your assets are distributed according to provincial laws. In some cases, the Province of Ontario will become the beneficiary of your estate.
  • If you make a will your Estate Trustee is allowed to reduce the amount of income tax that is payable upon your death. You will reduce the amount of Probate Taxes that your estate will have to pay to the government upon your death. When you die without a will, legal fees and taxes can take a sizable portion of your estate.
  • If you make a will, you allow your Estate Trustee (Executor) to pay additional money for the benefit of your child's or grandchild's education, medical or dental expenses.
  • When you make a will it is your decision at what age your children or grandchildren will receive their inheritance. If you die without a will, the Ontario Government will look after your children's inheritance until they become 18 years old.

Our office can prepare your Will and or Power of Attorney for a reasonable fee to safeguard your interests.

We also prepare Wills in accordance with the Islamic Shariaa.


  • Our office notarizes documents.
  • We also prepare and notarize Legal Arabic documents.